Awakening Through Synergy offers compassionate, therapeutic services to assist individuals in finding their life path through massage, yoga, continuing education and international yoga and adventure retreats.

Awakening Through Synergy is a collection of healing arts to assist individuals towards their greatest potential.  Owner, Jennifer Colucci is a compassionate, wise and cultured woman.  Jennifer has studied and worked in the healing arts field since the mid-90s. From massage therapy, yoga, international retreat leader and continuing education provider, Jennifer is a well-rounded individual and brings many different modalities to the table.  Through Massage Therapy, Thai Massage and Yoga Therapy, Awakening Through Synergy will customize treatment plans for specific conditions.  There is no condition too great or small for Jennifer.  Jennifer’s sessions usually last between 60-90 min.  In your private massage or yoga sessions, Jennifer will take a thorough inventory of your history to determine what techniques are best suited for you.  From there you will discuss how many treatments or sessions will be need for the best results.

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts; Awakening Through Synergy is a collective of healing arts to assist oneself into greater possibility.

Jennifer Colucci has over 20 years of massage experience, over 1,000 hours of education in a variety of massage techniques, and is also a 500-hour RYT registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. Dedicated to her own continued growth, as well as that of those around her, Jennifer has also completed intensive training in leadership, human design and soul contract work. The purpose of Awakening Through Synergy is to offer a collection of tools to help people heal, thrive and find their way to empowerment.

If you are striving for continued growth and something grander in life, let Jennifer assist you along your path!