High stress levels represent a common struggle in our society today. A regular yoga practice can provide a wonderful way to calm your mind and give your body some movement and attention it needs.

The idea of lowering onto a mat on the floor and twisting your body into different positions may be a little difficult to understand as a form of relaxation, but a plethora of studies indicate that yoga does indeed promote relaxation as well as provide many other benefits. Yoga has been known to help boost the immune system, fight food cravings, and help to relieve stress since many aspects of yoga incorporate poses dedicated to mediation, which brings thoughts and feelings to the forefront of awareness.

A key factor in de-stressing is in learning and/or taking steps to calm the mind and be in the present. Many people will say they just don’t have time to dedicate to a yoga practice, while managing the many demands of career and family life. The truth is it is crucial to participate in self-care in order to effectively manage all of those busy and demanding parts of our lives.

There are many simple yoga sequences that can be learned from a yoga instructor and also practiced on your own, when you are not able to get to a yoga class. Yoga practice promotes physical and mental awareness to help control tension and the effects that tension can have on one’s body and mind. If you are not healthy, how can you be productive and well to your maximum potential in all areas of your life?! The truth is, you can’t.

Make some time for yourself and participate in some self-care… you will be thankful you brought yourself to the mat. The old adage regarding loving yourself in order to then properly care for and love others could not be truer. Namaste.