Meditation is simple to begin by attending to your breath, and then if a thought arrives, notice it, accept it, open yourself up to it and then let it pass. Then you return to your breath. We are programmed to react to all of our thoughts, which keeps our bodies and minds in an ever busy sea of confusion. Meditation teaches us to attend to what is taking place within without judging and without reacting. It brings a sense of freedom, relief and inner relaxation – a mini vacation from all of the outer turmoil that may be going on in our lives.

In yoga, we focus on breath and inner stillness, while at the same time we focus on the movement of our bodies through specific poses. The focus on these things is very therapeutic. It leads to inner balance and stability. Yoga brings together mental clarity, renewed energy, physical challenges and a sense of serenity. Yoga also helps with flexibility, strength, breathing and essentially provides a physical, mental and spiritual practice.

Yoga poses are known for their ability to open up the body to a higher level. Some poses that are particularly known for bringing a deep sense of release and peace are:

  • Easy sitting pose to meditate, notice thoughts and emotions
  • Easy sitting pose with forward bend
  • Standing forward bend
  • Wide-legged standing forward bend
  • Side stretch
    Plow pose
  • Rabbit pose
  • Child’s pose
  • Pigeon pose
  • Savasana

Yoga and mediation are instruments for healing. Many people today are searching for tools for internal and spiritual healing. Yoga and meditation give us tools and change the way you experience yourself and your ability to deal with situations in life with mindfulness, compassion and love.