Thai yoga or Thai yoga bodywork is a combination of three modalities: traditional Thai massage, yoga, and physiotherapy. Thai yoga is also referred to as Thai massage, Thai yoga massage, Thai yoga therapy, Thai therapeutics, Thai medical massage and more. Just as there are many branches to yoga, there are many different approaches and labels to this Thai hands-on tradition.

Rooted in Buddhism, traditional Thai massage offers an amazing array of several hundred extremely effective therapeutic hands-on techniques. The art and science of yoga turns Thai yoga treatment sessions in a form of transformational applied yoga therapy. The incorporation of a scientific understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology, bio-mechanics, and clinical applications makes Thai yoga modifiable for each client, safe, and understandable.

During the past decade or two there has been an increased interest in Thai yoga, as people worldwide continue to discover the extraordinary benefits and healing properties of the Thai tradition. The tradition employs a wide range of techniques, including the use of thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet and offers myo-fascial stretching, joint mobilization, acupressure, energy balancing, rhythmic deep tissue compression, soft tissue manipulation, assisted yoga postures, and Buddhist meditation. A comfortable and incredibly soothing, meditative, rocking motion is the trademark of Thai yoga, while joints are opened, muscles and tendons are stretched, internal organs are toned, and vitality is increased.

Yoga effectively complements and enhances this Thai tradition, particularly since Thai massage is done with both people on a floor mat. As the Thai yoga practitioner mindfully moves around her client, the practitioner is able to maintain a flow of awareness of movement and energy throughout the practice. In addition, bio-mechanical principles support the therapeutic facet of Thai yoga as well as the structural facet. Safety of each technique is a core focus, so the receiver can relax and release tension in places where they may be holding tension at a deeper level.

Thai medicine focuses on the free flow of life energy in various major energy pathways. The hands-on therapy helps to remove any energy blockages and stimulates the free flow of life energy throughout the receiver’s body and mind.