Finding the type of yoga practice that is the best fit for you and works best for you actually has a lot to do with the type of yoga teacher that is teaching the class as much as it has to do with the style of yoga that is being taught. Next time you go to a yoga class, tune in to your inner voice and look for the following elements in evaluating a well-communicated class with an excellent teacher:

  • Do you feel safe and supported? The class should incorporate a warm up at an appropriate pace and the teacher should demonstrate a clear command of the room, with added attention for any new students attending the class.
  • You should be able to easily hear and comprehend the instructor’s instructions.
  • The yoga instructor conveys a customization of his or her teachings according to the ability and skill levels of the students present in the classroom, regardless of the general class description or level assigned to the particular class.
  • The instructor clearly respects and honors any physical limitations you or any other student in the class may have, and is able to help you gently move outside of your comfort zone in a safe and beneficial way.
  • The instructor is in tune and addresses everyone, from the most seasoned practitioner to the first-time yoga student.
  • The instructor is easily approachable and you are able to ask questions and share any concerns during or after the class.
  • You feel a sense of inspiration during and/or after the class.

Exploring styles and trying teachers to find a practice and yoga teacher that resonates with you is important. Stay open-minded as you embark on this journey. Whether you are seeking out yoga for the first time or just looking to test compatibility with your current yoga class and/or teacher, the above offers some tips to help guide you.