Meditation or “going within” is the most subtle and magnificent form of karmic cleansing. It is one of the fastest ways to clear the karmic backlog. You have karmic cleansing done through prayers and the dream state, but in meditation, you actually have the power to clean your own slate and realize your true self. What is more beautiful than that?

Teachings of virtually all religions reaffirm the power of meditation. The reason is quite simple. The benefits of meditation or going within are countless and perpetual. Aside from healing the body, calming the heart, clearing any fog from the mind, through meditation you can attune yourself to the grid of Ancient Knowledge and realize your true identity and Oneness with all living things and beings. The most important part is that through this silent journey, you can clear all karmic blockages.

Sages brought down the Ancient Wisdom through meditation. All the divine and mystical powers attained were via this silent method of going within. The greatest discoveries, the most inspirational art and all the beauty that has been created by mankind, has come forth through silent communications with The Creator, whoever one may believe that is.

We essentially have three bodies: the physical body, the astral body and the causal body. The physical body is affected and controlled by the five elements of nature. The astral body is affected and controlled by emotion. The causal body is the vault of all our karmic accounts and thrives on cosmic energy but it tremendously affected by our state of silence and chaos.

Each action, thought or work, of all our lifetimes is deposited and stored and worked out in the causal body. Through grace from the universe and The Creator, prayers, charity, spreading light and meditation, the causal body gets cleaned and can absorb more and more cosmic energy, which is then filtered to the astral body and then into the physical body. All illness and blockages first occur in the causal body, which is the most exposed, followed by the astral and physical body.

As our karma is lodged in the causal body, the only way one can clear one’s own karma is by making the causal body clean, strong and receptive to the cosmic energy. The fastest way to do this is through meditation. Silence is the fuel on which the causal body thrives.

There are many ways to meditate. The simplest way is to sit down in whichever posture you are comfortable, close your eyes and think of your divine Master or God. Start with five minutes. You can do this anywhere. Another way is to close your eyes and just focus on your breath. Relax, inhale and exhale. Focus on the state of nothingness.