Yoga has a very long history, dating back to several thousands of years. It has proven to improve mind and body and this has given it this type of longevity. Some of the health benefits of yoga include: improved posture, stress reduction, muscle building, improved balance and flexibility, and improved heart health.


Posture Improvement

Poor posture can cause back, neck and other muscle and joint issues. Yoga can improve your posture by strengthening your muscles that surround your neck and spine, which can help alleviate muscle aches and strains caused by muscles compensating for bad posture.


Stress Reduction

Stress can take a serious toll on your body, and can interrupt your sleeping and eating habits, which can further aggravate the stress cycle. If you are feeling that stress is becoming too much of a factor in your life, consider adding a yoga session to your week, as reducing your stress levels can help you sleep, improve your mood, improve your work function and boost your metabolism and immune system.


Muscle Building

Many people do not associate strong muscles with a relaxing yoga session, but different yoga moves can build muscle. Building muscle has a number of benefits, including improving your metabolism and blood flow. When your muscles have improved blood flow, they are able to work more efficiently and recover more easily.


Improved Balance and Flexibility

Yoga is well known for the many stretching poses. Many of these poses can help to improve your flexibility and balance. Poses such as chair post and triangle post can improve your flexibility, balance and range of motion by extending your limbs and shifting your center of gravity. Activities that lengthen and stretch muscles can help to prevent injuries and allow muscles to work more efficiently. Pairing your muscles with balance and flexibility will help with daily activities and can help to prevent accidents and falls in older adults.


Improved Heart Health

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), including yoga regularly in your routine can improve heart health. These benefits of yoga with regard to heart health include exercise functionality, improved blood pressure, and improved cholesterol levels. Yoga can be done at various levels and still offer benefits, including low intensity yoga, which can improve heart health through relaxation and deep breathing, and more intense yoga classes, which can help to improve circulation through muscle definition and increasing your heart rate.