With a background in anatomy and kinesiology and a foundation of yoga rooted in multi-style yoga and eight limbs philosophy, the yoga instruction is an integration of body, mind, spirit, and creative and fun play

Teaching Multi-style Yoga; Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Therapeutics, I customize sequences based on the individuals abilities. Working with a lot of athletes who already have strong cardio workout in their routines, I find low impact stretching and deep holds offer amazing benefits for chronically tight muscles and over stressed nervous systems.

Creating fun and dynamic workshops from Yin Yoga Hip Flow, Yin + Meridians, Yoga for Bicyclists to Open Your Heart Restorative, I am always expanding my love for yoga and finding new ways to reach all kinds of people.

Join me for Hatha Yoga classes at Shangi-La in Bonita Springs

Schedule- Tuesday & Thursday 9 am- 10 am

$20 Drop-IN OR 10% Off package of 10 Classes for $180

Located at Shangri-La

27750 Old 41 Rd

Bonita Springs, FL 34135

As an adventure lover, you will also find me planning my next yoga and adventure retreat for I find that when you can unplug from your every day life and take the time for yourself to truly connect to nature, the sense of peace and bliss you receive from this is truly remarkable.

Synergy Yoga a gentle Hatha Yoga class combined with strengthening sequences and myofascial techniques to release tension in the body. Props will be used for modifications in the poses, breathing exercises and mudras (hand gestures) will be introduced as well during the practice.All levels are welcome!!

Vinyasa translates as “the union between breath and movement” or “one breath, one movement”, a combination of yoga postures and breath work put together as a continuous but never rushed flow, will help you build or increase strength, flexibility and balance, leaving your body energized but centered and your mind peaceful and present.

Yin is a style of yoga geared toward stretching the deeper muscles and connective tissues of our body. By Increasing flexibility and holding poses for extended periods of time your body will feel lighter and longer. Yin facilitates the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn allows your body to rest and digest so that it can begin to recover from fatigue and chronic muscle pain. Blood, nutrients, and energy can flow more freely throughout your body so that it can replenish lost energy. Alleviates stress and tension – More oxygen you get into your muscles, the more they will release and lengthen, therefore lowering cortisol levels (commonly known as stress hormones). Improves balance – Stay in a pose for several minutes at a time. Yin can serve as a foundation for creating a well – balanced body. After a few sessions you’ll enjoy increased mobility, coordination, mindfulness and balance.

Restorative yoga is a relaxing yoga that gets you into a state of total relaxation by using props, bolsters, blocks and blankets for ultimate comfort. Great for beginners or people with injuries. Great to do towards the end of the week so that you can unwind from all the stresses of the week.