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I’ve had the glorious opportunity of spending a week with Jennifer at fabulous Lake Atitlan Guatemala at the Doron Zen and Yoga center. The location was breathtakingly beautiful. The yoga chalet was an amazing spacious room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking a beautiful Lake Atitlan, volcanic mountains and a lush jungle which surrounded us! A perfect setting for Jennifer’s well balanced and exquisitely lead yoga instruction. She gathered together a group of like minded yet deeply individual women and was able to tailor a yoga practice that fit all of our skill levels. Everyone felt the benefits of her instruction. And her world wide breath of experience was instrumental navigating Guatemala’s wild setting! Yoga practice weaved with a plethora of other activities such as zip lining, horseback riding, kayaking and shopping made for one of the best adventures this 60 year women has been in in her whole life! I can not wait until I join her on another journey. I highly recommend any retreat to any of Jennifer’s future destinations! Perhaps I’ll meet you there!

Namaste~ Gael Solon Nov 2018


I haven’t been a retreat person in the past, but Jennifer’s yoga retreat changed me. Not only was the week filled with plenty of yoga and meditation, Jennifer really helped us to dial in our form. Something that I realize is so important no matter how experienced the yogi may be. She has great lessons within each practice to guide us with emphasis on alignment & form. She also lead a “goals” workshop, which was very beneficial for me, and now, a month later, I continue to grow through it. Also thought the week we had adventure options each day we could opt in or out of. The food was magnificent, as well. Not only did I bring home many lessons to strengthen practice and life, and memories of our adventures, I brought home amazing new friendships, built and grew on old friendships, and had special family time. A week of enlightenment, enjoyment, friendships, and physical and mental challenges. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Katie Miller Nov 2018


I’ve had the extreme pleasure of spending a fantastic week with Jennifer in Guatemala at a fabulous zen retreat center. She gathered people from near and far who I was blessed to create instant eternal friendships with. All of us bringing fantastic energy to the group, with lots of laughter, sharing and sincerely enjoying each other’s company. The daily yoga practices were very special, ranging from hatha, restorative to yin and she included a goal workshop plus introducing the yamas and niamas. Our adventures outside of the center were fabulous!!!! Can’t wait for another adventure– I love this girl.

Nancy Lambert-Nov 2018


To give you a quick background. I’m a new yogi and joined an awesome power yoga studio in Savannah, GA about two months ago. I religiously attend three yoga sessions each week. In early June 2018, I was in Naples on business and googled the nearest yoga class, which directed me to Naples Yoga Center. The yoga instructor for my Thursday class was Jennifer Colucci. Immediately, I hit it off with her and she told me a little about her extraordinary journey. Our class was attended by only two other women; therefore, the level of personal involvement that Jennifer provided was very impressive. I learned more in 60 minutes with Jennifer than I had in the 1,440 minutes in previous classes. Wow, simply amazing….  But that wasn’t the best part. The Thai massage which followed the next day was simply extraordinary. Jennifer, thank you on so many levels.

Tim, Savannah, Ga – June 2018


I came to Florida for a training camp with my cycling team, Papa John’s p/b Trek, and we logged a ton of miles down there.  I can honestly say Jennifers body work helped me recover from all the travel and all of the training way faster than I normally would have.  As a chiropractor and professional cyclist, I have had my fair share of body work and Jennifer is one of the best there is without a doubt.  Now I just cant wait to come back!

-Sara Reins, Pro-Cyclist


I have been a professional athlete for 20 years so have had quite a few professional massages.  I find that some therapists work on muscles and relieve pain but maybe don’t have the capability to actually fix the underlying issues.  I feel many times I need both types of therapists.  Jennifer is one of those therapists with the rare ability to both fix issues and relieve pain in addition to showing me yoga poses that would continue to alleviate the issues in the future.  I would highly recommend Jennifer, you will not be disappointed.

-Tina, Pro-Cyclist


As an athlete, I have had the opportunity to experience a variety of masseuse styles.  Immediately into the massage I could tell that Jennifer’s technique had been richly developed.  It’s so nice when you don’t have to ask for something that you feel is being missed.  Furthermore, Jennifer took the time to demonstrate some specific self-care stretches that I could practice at home to reduce some issues my body was having.  I highly recommend Jennifer as a quality investment.

-Debbie Milne, Pro Cyclist and Multi-National Champion


I truly appreciate working with Jennifer not only for her wonderful technique and ability to loosen up my lower back and muscles and even out my hips, but also as her interest in me as an athlete.  She took the time to show me stretches that would help my back from getting so tight and exercises that would make me a better cyclist as a whole.  I loved that I felt comfortable the entire time knowing that I was, literally, in good hands.

-Laurel Rathbun, 14x Cycling National Champion


I attended Jennifer Colucci’s yoga class on Thursday, which was truly amazing and even very educational for me. Then on Friday (June 2018), I had the pleasure of receiving a Thai Massage by Jennifer. I have deep tissue massages from time to time, and Jennifer recommended a Thai Massage.  I never had a Thai Massage, but left it to Jennifer to choose which type of massage would be best for me. “Wow!”, is all I can say, or maybe “Simply Amazing!”, or how about “Extraordinary!”.  Truly, the best massage I have ever received – EVER. Jennifer was awesome, as she explained the different modalities and how she  adapted her skills and different techniques for my specific massage. I felt like a King, and four days later my muscles are still thanking me and singing praise and love for Jennifer.   I’m seriously considering making the 7 hour drive from Savannah to Naples once a month just to attend a yoga session of Jennifer’s and then enjoy her healing hands (and feet)!  Thank you JC, and seriously, I will see you soon!

Tim, Savannah, Ga – June 2018


Recently while visiting Naples FL I sought massage therapy after months of neglect and 16 hours of driving from my home in PA. I received a referral for a young lady named Jennifer Colucci. She promptly returned my call and we made an appointment for her to provide massage at my location. I had been cycling after months off the bike so Jennifer had her work cut out for her. For 90 minutes she painlessly increased my range of motion and length in my spine and loosened my hips. I felt taller and rejuvenated at sessions end. I made another appointment as soon as the first ended. I am a PT Assistant/Massage Therapist. I have given and received bodywork for 20 plus years and Jennifer has Incredible skill and employs a variety of techniques in her work. Her work was some of the best I have ever experienced. Highly recommended!

-Thank you,  Ty Albert. East Berlin PA


Today I experienced my first Thai Massage! I must say, going back to regular massages doesn’t seem possible. Thank you Jennifer for such an amazing massage. Your space is as warm and welcoming as you are.

-Paula Ellison


Jennifer has been helping me for the past 2 months through yoga and massage therapy.  She truly has a gift – a healer!  I was scheduled for hip replacement this April and it has been cancelled.  I am pain free and have never felt better.

Thank you, Jen!

-Phil Simon


I hired Jennifer to do massage at my retreat centre in Costa Rica for 3 years in a row, and definitely welcome her back anytime.  She provides massage that is healing for not only the physical body, but soothes minds and spirits as well.  Her body work is both trusted on a personal and professional level.  From a professional viewpoint, Jennifer greets clients with a friendly smile, cheery hello and firm handshake.  I have spent over 30 hours on Jennifer’s table, and every single experience was phenomenal.  Her physical strength is amazing, her compassion through listening is evident, and every single time, she was able to find where I was holding on to tension – it was nothing short of amazing (every single time!!).   Jennifer’s knowledge of human physical anatomy is impressive, but she leaves you with a far more powerful experience; she offers something more – it seems as though she is intuitively guided and can also read/feel energy – like I said, she gets to the right spots every time.  I have referred Jennifer to countless clients, friends, family members and colleagues, each referral has had nothing but positive reviews.  Give her work a try, you won’t regret it – guaranteed.



Jennifer gives the most therapeutic massages I have ever had! Chuck has benefited greatly also from his sessions with Jennifer, post car/bike accident, and continues weekly with her. Her yoga classes are fabulous too. She is very knowledgeable. Great gal too!

-Tish Kelly


I have been seeing Jennifer for several months and I have never felt better!  Her endless knowledge of Thai massage and other modes of body work and healing amaze me. She always is able to hone in on my issues and leave me feeling physically and mentally fabulous.  I love her Yoga classes as well; she is an excellent instructor.  Once you’ve experience her massages, you will not know how you ever lived without them! On a personal level, Jennifer is a wonderful, caring individual who is truly passionate about helping others.  I am very fortunate to call her a friend as well!

-Nella DeCesare


After my Thai Massage with Jennifer I felt completely relaxed and energetic at the same time. It was a sense of well being and release. Jennifer was very friendly and actually greeted me in the parking lot. She was very professional and kind, but also kicked my butt! Her experience and training shined through as she massaged muscles I did not even know I had!

Jennifer went above and beyond and gave me as much time as needed…I highly recommend Jennifer and feeling the bliss of her Thai Massage therapy!

-Josh Fri, Grand Haven, MI