Egypt Awakening

June 18-30, 2023

Infused with Yoga, The Great Pyramids of Giza the lifeforce of the Nile to the beaches of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt awaits!

Your adventure begins in Cairo exploring the ancient history of The Pyramids, Saqqara, museums and more. Embark to the Nile River Oasis via overnight train to Aswan, “The Jewel” of the Nile where you will spend a day at the Temple Isis and Nubian Village. Aboard your Nile River Cruise for three days of magic on the Nile River while visiting Abu Simbel, Luxor, and The Valley of the Kings. Fly to the breathtaking beach of Sharm El- Sheik to snorkel the Red Sea and watch the sunrise over the Sinai Peninsula at St Catherine’s Cathedral.

Your 13 days 12 nights will include the following:


Sleeper Train From Cairo to Aswan H.B



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